David Stuart

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Have you decided to make some changes around your Chem use?

This online guide can be done with your healthcare provider, or on your own. It'll help you to identify a goal, and work toward it.

Just follow the prompts.



(No data entered, or personal info are collected when you use these pages.

No buttons you click, no text you enter, no tickboxes you tick, will be submitted, sent or collected. It is completely anonymous and confidential.

There are no "compulsory" fields. You can go back, forth, or do as many times as you like.

This is just for your own private use.)


A 4 min introduction to the Care Plan.

An more detailed video tutorial (16 mins) on how to use these web-pages.


Has pensado en hacer algunos cambios en el uso que haces de las “Chems”?

Esta guía online la puedes usar tú solo, o junto con tu profesional de la salud, y te ayudará  a identificar tus objetivos y a trabajar para conseguirlos. Simplemente sigue las instrucciones.