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Glossary of terms used in 5 Guys Chillin’

Chemsex; a term invented by gay men on sexual networking platforms. Also referred to as; “PnP” (Party and Play), “HnH” (High and Horny”, “chill-outs”, “chill-out party”, “chills”. Terms referring to certain drugs used in sexualised contexts by gay men. Adopted by the health sector to identify the sexualised use of certain drugs by populations that are vulnerable to high prevalence of HIV/HCV/STI’s (see full definition)

Chillout - a gathering in a private house where drugs such as mephedrone, G and crystal meth may be taken. Chillouts may often turn into sex parties as users become aroused from drug use.

Chems - colloquially derived from ‘chemicals’ referring to crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone and GHB/GBL

GHB (Gammahydroxybutyrate) or the more commonly used GBL (Gammabutyrolactone) - referred to simply as ‘G’ or ‘Gina’. A disinhibiting drug popular at chillout parties, clubs and for ChemSex. It's a clear liquid shotted (dosed in “shots”) orally in millilitres and makes users feel high, confident and sexually aroused. An industrial solvent with physical dependence forming properties; a depressant, though can have stimulant effects (the same way alcohol can be taken for its stimulant effects).

Mephedrone - (‘meph’, ‘M-Kat’, ‘drone’) - a cheap white powder widely used for clubbing and sex; snorted in lines, mephedrone is also a disinhibitor and is often referred to as a gateway drug for G or crystal meth. A stimulant drug similar in effect to amphetamines.

Crystal meth (‘Tina’ ‘crystal’ ‘meth’ ‘ice’) - a drug that comes as crystalline rocks and is smoked by burning the rock in a glass pipe, ‘booty-bumped’ (anally), injected intravenously or (rarely) ground to a powder and snorted.

Slamming (to ‘slam’) - The use of needles/syringes to inject the drugs crystal meth and mephedrone straight into the vein. (This practice would never be done with G as it may be fatal). Some injectors also share blood in the syringe as a fetish/distorted by a desire for intimacy or danger.

Going under - G needs to be measured carefully as it is a depressant and too much can result in users 'going under', where they begin convulsing, fitting and twitching, or eventually passing out. This is effectively, an overdose. Often associated with sexual consent issues/sexual assaults.

Grindr/Scruff/Growlr/et al - geo-sexual networking smartphone Apps used by gay men to find dates or sex.

Barebacking - a term describing condom-less intercourse, used more commonly by gay men.

PEP - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis can stop HIV from taking hold in the body if taken within 72 hours of exposure to the virus. It is normally a month’s course of daily-dosed medicines.

PrEP - Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a daily medicine (single pill) which has been proven to prevent HIV infection when taken (in accordance with guidelines) by HIV negative people, even if condoms are not used. Available in certain parts of the world by prescription or online, though not currently available for free in the UK by the NHS.

CD4 - CD4 cells in your blood protect your body from many infections. A CD4 count is an important assessment of how well your immune system is working, particularly important for HIV positive patients.

Undetectable - HIV positive patients on HIV medication can find their viral load (the measurable amount of HIV virus in the blood) to be suppressed so effectively they appear “undetectable” – essentially un-infectious - making onward transmission highly unlikely, even without a condom. However, if they discontinue the medication then their viral load will rise again, becoming infectious.

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