David Stuart



Tools/documents for professionals working
with people engaging in ChemSex

Video tutorial; creating a ChemSex care plan:

For healthcare professionals supporting clients/patients to make changes around chems & sex.

Video tutorial; motivational interviewing skills in a ChemSex context;

Sometimes our clients can be frightened to make changes, or unaware of opportunities they are missing, when ensconced in a lifestyle. These skills can help a person safely reflect on behaviour and choices.


A 20 page booklet that focuses on the most urgent consequences that can occur in chemsex environments, including First Aid tips, when to call an ambulance, what to do.

Chemsex Risk assessment tool 

Questions to ask that assess the highest risks associated with chemsex

Questions, and Sexual health alerts, re Chemsex

3 main Chemsex proforma questions for a sexual health setting, and sexual health alerts clinicians ought to be alert to.

ChemSex survey;

A survey to assess sexualised drug use amongst service users

Measuring Outcomes

Some questions that might be asked, to measure the success or failure of your ChemSex Support interventions

ChemSex Boundaries;

An online check-box questionnaire to help clients reflect on the role chems play in their sex lives

ChemSex ToolKit:

A guide to support sexual health clinics to become ChemSex-competent.

Online interactive ChemSex Care Plan:

An online tool to support ChemSex patients to create their own behaviour change "Care Plan".

Care Plan document

Download a Care Plan document to fill in on your own (or with a healthcare providers help)

4 Care Plan documents;

"Take a break from sex", Considering monogamy", Committing to condoms", "Reflecting on condom use"

Care Plan instruction guide:

An instructional paper to accompany the ChemSex Care Plan document

A clinician's guide to ChemSex and hepatitis C:

How to support our clients/patients to negotiate transmission risks in a ChemSex environment.

Drug/Drug Interactions;

A guide to drug/drug interactions (Chems and anti-retrovirals); an understandable interpretation of the science for clinicians and patients.

Resourcing peer-support workers/volunteers in ChemSex support.

A case study & guide to support those staffing ChemSex support services.

ChemSex/Sober sex guidelines for psychosexual therapists.
By Remziye Kunelaki; guidelines for psychosexual therapists working with clients who are currently (or have been historically) engaged in ChemSex.

Click here to download a PDF of a slide set used in David's training