David Stuart


Limiting Screentime on certain Apps on your phone.

The first thing to do is to create a passcode. 
Depending on your version of Android and ‘Stay Focussed’ App, you should be prompted for a 6-digit passcode, but some versions will ask for 4-digit
You should pick a random 6 digit number that is not easily remembered (not 123456, or any pattern on the keypad that you will remember! e.g. 123987 as you may remember it as a square!)
  • Write this number down and put it somewhere not easily accessible (e.g. in a locker at work, or with a friend who will not not give it to you outside the hours of 9-5 Mon-Fri, etc.)

  • Next you must install an App called ‘Stay Focused’ (free) from google play store.
  • Once installed, open the app and choose ‘grant access’ , scroll down and give access to ‘stay focused’. This allows Stay Focused to monitor other apps
  • Click ‘create profile’, and choose a name (e.g. block apps), and search the app you wish to block (e.g. Grindr, recon, etc.), and tick the box to the right to choose it
  • Click next (top right corner), and choose from any number of options to block. 
  • E.g. to block all day Fri, Sat, Sun, choose ‘ specific time intervals’, enable ‘app launch’ and ‘notification’ (you have to allow this), then tick F(ri) , S(at), S(un) in ‘On Days’ section
  • Click ‘Add’ in the ‘in intervals’ section at the bottom, and using the dial, select the time from 00:00AM -> 11:59PM
  • Click ‘save’ in top right hand corner
  • On the main screen again, enable ‘lock mode’ 
    • 1. ‘set new password’ , and tick ‘block access to phone settings’. This is where you enter your 6 digit passcode, and then just choose a fake email address (blah@blah.com) , to prevent you from turning it off
    • 2. Activate device admin -> activate
    • 3. Grant overdraw permission -> allow permission
    • Click Activate

Some tips
  • If you had to enter the passcode multiple times, your brain may remember it! Go back to https://numbergenerator.org/random-4-digit-number-generator and keep clicking through the numbers and say them aloud, to confuse your brain from remembering your passcode!
  • Another way to ‘forget’ the passcode is to write it down backwards on the paper. Your brain finds it more difficult to remember the number backwards!